The end of the Mayan Calendar

Some possible answers to questions that are being asked at this time, of the impending end of the Mayan calendar, supposedly October 28th, 2011.

Questions like
Is the world coming to an end in 2012?
What happens at the end of the Mayan Calendar?
Are we all going to die?
Is the earth going to be destroyed?
What is the prophecy of the end of the world?
Is it the end of the world in 2012?

Don’t Worry!

Don’t worry. Although there are major changes taking place on the planet, in countries, regimes, companies and communities, in human beings, even at a cellular level, in DNA, the ultimate outcome is very positive and does not culminate in the destruction of the planet, in my opinion, (and I have studied the phenomenon for a couple of decades).

Most of us have heard of the Mayan calendar. Iit has been in general awareness for a long time before the recent hype. In fact “Long Time” is the one of the essential connotations of the Mayan Calendar since these particular Central American people had a deep knowing about astronomic and cosmic cycles. They are supposedly linked to the ancient Egyptians as both are alleged to have headed off in separate directions after the fall of Atlantis. There is an obvious connection that both are majorly known for their pyramid building prowess. I also recall a theory on place name similarities including the letters “atl” but this is not the reason for this blog.

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Like all Calendars, the Mayan Calendar is systematic recording of time. Unlike most calendars most of the information was carved on stone (such as at Tortuguero in present day Costa Rica) and this calendar refers to very long time periods indeed, in fact the Mayan Calendar arguably relates to a period of 16.4 BILLION years and completes, particularly arguably, on October 28th 2011 or December 21st 2012, depending which camp you are in. Whatsoever theory you subscribe to, who is going to argue about a few months on top of 16 billion years! As I write this, October 28th is 2 days away so I am in a state of open-minded curiosity, knowing that something massive is happening on our planet. We will see whether the outcome is relatively immediate or will it be gradual, as we have seen, increasingly, over the last decade or so. My guess it will be noticeable, firstly by those tuned in to feeling “vibrational energy”, and will become increasingly obvious to many more people in a relatively short amount of time.


There is a popular misconception that the Mayan Calendar is about “The End of the World”. This is, no doubt, fuelled by visions Apocalyptic Horsemen and Sandwich Board men in London’s Oxford Street proclaiming that the “End of the World is Nigh” Religious handbooks of all beliefs, do make reference to Armageddon, End Time, Second Comings, and general cataclysms. Well if that is the case, we shall soon see. However the word Apocalypse originates from the Greek and means “Revelation”. Indeed, it seems that all will be revealed quite soon! The Mayan Calendar does not mention the end of the world but the end of “time”. This can be either taken as the end of a massive era, (presumably with a new, updated one to follow) or a change to the perceived physics of time, such as the commonly experienced effect of things speeding up and our not having enough time. Anyway, you can always rely on organised religion, and the supposed elite power groups behind the scenes that control banks and politicians, to come up with some strong fear based predictions to keep us all in a state of fear and within our self-imposed limitations.

Carl Johann Calleman

OK, so if the Mayan Calendar is about the end of time, which we mistakenly read for the end of the world, what then? Like many, I’ve made a study of the Mayan Calendar publications, and there are many such as John Major Jenkins, Barbara Hand Clow, but the one who makes most sense to me is Carl Johann Calleman. (Apologies to other notables for their exclusion). There is much debate, nay argument between the various proponents of Calendar theories, particularly as to the end date, whether it is October 28th 2011 or the more well-known 21st December 2012. The actual date probably is not important considered against the other implications. What is generally agreed is that the Calendar alludes to a time of greater spiritual consciousness following a breakdown of limiting systems, regimes, economies, against a setting of planetary upheaval and climatic variation. I think we are agreed we have experienced plenty of examples of the afore, with the conventional future very hard to predict.
Talking of predictions, practically every ancient wisdom source and indigenous people have a prediction of the arrival of the golden age at this time, and a time of universal access to higher consciousness, be it from the Maya, the Hopi and other Native American peoples, the Tibetans, the Maoris, Aborigines. The pyramids of Egypt and central America also have symbolic representation of the same.

Fractal Time

Decoding of the Mayan Calendar, particularly by Calleman, show it to be a highly structured and numerological entity; representation 9 stages of evolution from the time of “Big-Bang” (See his book, The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness.)
What is most incredible is that, while Big-Bang is the opening “date” of the calendar, our time now is the closing date, whichever one it is. The chances are that noticeable change may not occur exactly to the day, although the calendar model has shown periods of shifting consciousness in the form of invention, creativity, as well as darker time of wars and domination. There are comparable times within each of the nine levels, representing evolving life from singe cell creatures at level one, to ourselves in our current state of evolution at level nine. The 13 sub-divisions of each level have corresponding features which match other levels. Gregg Braden, in his book “Fractal Time”, assumed that if this were the case then major incidences would have timely counterparts, in the past and future. Using the calculators you can find online, he discovered that the New York Twin Towers disaster had exact equivalences with the Russians shooting down the Korean Airline 707 over Kamchatka on 1 September 1983 and the date of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour on December 7th 1941.

These snippets are not meant to be comprehensive, but to add a conviction that there is an inbuilt evolution and time link factor in the model of the Calendar. Furthermore that fact that it completes around this time, concurs with many other predictions and we do have evidence of economic, climatic and personal change going on amongst us. Those of us on the Personal Growth area who have had the opportunity to live with active respect to an inner based connected consciousness, have no doubt that there are major and accelerating changes taking place within the fundamental matter of the universe, human DNA and our day to day awareness.

SO even if you take my word for it so far, or are open minded enough to continue anyway, who may be asking “Well if it is not the end of the world, and it is this change in consciousness, what does that mean?”

Evolution 101

The answer is that no-one really knows, but we will find out soon enough! Whatever happens there will be a gradient of change and upgrade as humans, in particular, learn to work with the latest evolutionary energies of the universe. Certainly our lessons from the Mayan Calendar have shown us that there are distinct periods of acceleration and noticeable sudden change at certain junctures. There was a surge in industrial development half way through the 18th century. I remember an exam question in Economic History. “The Industrial Revolution commenced on 1st January 1760, discuss”! The question was based on the fact that so many similar technological developments took place with in a limited time scale. I also remember a book on Egyptian art that explained the sudden increase in use of colour and artistic rendering as being the influence of extra-terrestrials, as there was no other way of explaining it. These were both times reflected in the logic of the calendar as instances when skills and creations suddenly exceeded anything existing shortly prior. This phenomenon is also apparent in evolving life where certain species develop, legs, wings, capabilities, and even the Periodic Table of the Elements has a model whereby when one electron ring is complete, a totally new and higher level appears with totally new atoms and molecules.
Well, so much for my short “Evolution 101” paragraph. The point I’m making is that evolution takes us to new heights and the period of change is relatively quick compared to the overall time scale.

Cosmic Metamorphosis?

What is intriguing with our Mayan Calendar Culmination is that it seems to be a completion of the development rules which were hard wired, from the start of uni-cellular life to humans discovering higher consciousness, as is happening in our time. The thing is that the old rule book need no longer apply. From the norms and understanding we have right now, we may not logically be able to project or assume what happens next. It’s like a caterpillar suddenly feeling sleepy and growing a hard shell. At that moment, does it really know it is about to take flight. Perhaps it does, I never took Biology and I don’t remember being a caterpillar! However the parallel is that humans may be about to extend their capabilities of connection and creativity, in a harmonious way, with the planet and her kingdoms of nature. Such a paradigm is often proposed yet the practicality of economic life seems to thwart the general uptake. Could it be that the source of all things is allowing a falling apart of restrictive and non-nurturing practices as a prelude to a new freedom without hard-wired control. Are we at a stage where our power of manifestation can bring about our heart-felt desires, especially when there is a growing consensus of what makes holistic sense in a greater overall benefit for everyone and everything?

Awareness is the Key

Traditionally we are trained and induced not to believe what some regard as fantasies, or previously would have been judged as heresies. What if the new paradigm is also linked to inner energies and belief? What if the restriction on human manifestation potential is being removed, so we produce, more than ever, what our inner energies of heart and emotion are consciously (no longer sub-consciously) knowing and feeling. Genuine feeling is a more accurate guide to higher truth than thinking, but if we don’t feel, we will not think so! Another paradox is manifestation is a function of belief and if you don’t believe this, it’s also true! Negative thoughts and feelings work in the same way as positive ones. It’s just that the outcome is much less desirable. Awareness is the key, to realise what our emotional energies are manifesting. For many they are manifesting outcomes that are not intended or welcome. With awareness we can use the same powerful manifestation system, but consciously program for a different and desired result. (This is the essence of the work I do in EcoLifeWalks in Lanzarote)

No More Safety Nets?

There may be a parting of the ways if this is true, and it seems to be. Those who manifest negatively will bring about limited happiness and health etc., while adding further discontent to their lives. As we learn to connect our higher intentions to new vibrational energies, (since each calendar new level has been accompanied by an increase in cosmic vibrational frequency, accessible via our emotional energy) then as humans we have the power to bring about anything into reality, subject to becoming used to accessing our feelings in connection to a new frequency. Its only words until to learn how to do it. So, in this respect the outcome of this new evolution will be what humans, (those who learn to connect with their inner energies), bring about by their unrestrained freedom of action. No longer will there be “safety nets” to protect those who align with negative and unsustainable visions. What you feel is what you get! You choose!

Mass Enlightenment

If this is new to you, it may not resonate with your current belief system, but it is worth being open minded. There is so much to gain and we do not know enough truth to disregard. Perhaps the outcome of this new evolutionary milestone is the possibility for humans to make or break, based on their realisation of who they really are and what they are capable of! This is said (by ancients and indigenous people) to be a time when mass enlightenment is possible. In other words when, as promised by the spiritual masters of history (not so much the religions) this is the time when we can attain the same powers demonstrated by the masters, as part of our human birth right. What we would have called magic and miracles is just a part of natural law that was previously not understood or accessed.

Align Right Now!

Those of us, who run metaphysical courses, have long anticipated this time. We are not persuading anyone to enlist in anything, We offer directions and techniques for you try for yourself. The energies that have already changed make it easier to align ourselves with the forces of nature that allow us to create desired outcomes. I believe this possibility is about to be massively increased either right now or real soon!

If you do learn how to align with them, you will know yourself, whether you can change your life from within, and make your life and your planet the way you would like it to be, in concert with others who feel and behave similarly!

It’s too wonderful a possibility to ignore!

Thanks for Reading this! Happy Evolution!

Stuart Forster

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