Personal Guidance in Tours and LifeWe recommend that our clients have access to a car, for maximum flexibility, unless you are with the EcoLifeWalks Complete Package, when one is included.  People often share a car when they arrive, but its best to book ahead at busy times. You can arrange for your choice of car waiting for you on arrival and you often get a better car rental choice and car hire price by booking ahead. At the end of your stay, you can drop off your car at the airport, before you check in. It’s so much easier. There are plenty of online rental sites although we often use Rhino Car Hire for car hire Lanzarote, they put you in touch with a local company that is often cheaper than on their own site! Prices usually include full insurance, personal insurance, tax and unlimited mileage, but do not include tyre damage, traffic fines and petrol.

To hire a car, you must usually  be 25 years or over and  had 3 years’ driving experience. Prices are from £100 for a week including insurance. Split between 2 3 or 4 people this is not expensive. The road system is very good and traffic levels low. Fuel is not so expensive in Lanzarote as the UK.

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