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A Yoga Holiday in Lanzarote

Yoga in Lanzarote; as part of the EcoLifeWalks week ( personally guided activities and trips to outstanding places with optional inclusive Life Insights)

Do yoga in the morning as part of EcoLifeWalks with Stuart or as an optional extra with a specialist yoga teacher.

We regard yoga  as a vital part of the EcoLifeWalks week but also realise that not everyone may want to include yoga. The solution is to make yoga part of the schedule and you can decide by booking ahead. Find out more about EcoLifeWalks

Stuart has been running yoga holidays in the Canary Islands since 1999 and have helped thousands with combining a holiday with some recuperation from their life style. Having seen many people return to make their regular life adjustment it became clear that, for may people, a yoga holiday is a rectification mechanism, to make good the damage of a lifestyle which is not sustainable. In creating EcoLifeWalks, Stuart addressed the inherent clue that when we feel we need to go on holiday, we are actually getting a noticeable sign that all is not well with our overall conduct. Yes, a holiday is great, but if we don’t address the things that lower our feeling vibration, then the cycle will continue without a major breakthrough. Yoga is one of the facets of EcoLifeWalks, with a one-to-one format  but Healing of Belief System, Having an Open Mind and other Insights will help the journey towards happiness and fulfillment.

EcoLifeWalks is born out of Holistic Holidays, a spiritual retreat and one of the first companies to offer yoga holidays in 1999 and the first yoga retreat in Lanzarote based in a villa with whom I am no longer connected. Depending on which teacher you are with, the yoga classes are a mix of hatha Yoga, Iyengar yoga, Viniyoga, Yoga therapy, Yoga sutras, Life Change yoga, Kundalini Yoga, in fact an eclectic mix of many yoga studies that help reach the centre and quieten the mind. Astanga yoga is not part of the offering however. A yoga session is a great way to start the day, putting you in a good space to enjoy your holiday.

If you are looking for yoga holidays in Spain, we are part of the Canary Islands and Lanzarote is the nearest island to the African coast with an arid Saharan climate.

Yoga is a vital component of the Life Change Process,  helping the process of quieting the mind and helping awareness of what is happening in the emotional body.

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