There is now a new site for the evolution of Holistic Holidays, called EcoLifeWalks Holistic Holidays, Lanzarote

Personal Guidance in Tours and Life

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EcoLifeWalks is more than you would expect from the name. As holidays go it is a totally new concept. It is a combination of several very desirable components that work together for your enjoyment, relaxation, rejuvenation, fun, empowerment, transformation and fulfilment. What more could you want?!

The evolution from Yoga Holidays to Life Change Retreat to EcoLifeWalks is a realisation that the power behind personal transformation is our connection with our environment and all things. As well as being a source of pleasure and exercise, appreciation of outstanding unspoilt nature helps us to come into alignment with our own powerful inner technologies. It is these technologies which help us to bring about the life we want which will include fun, abundance fulfilment, and happiness.

The elements of the proven Life Change Retreat are still present in EcoLifeWalks but the new balance offers more guided tours toexceptional locations, such as beacheswave watchingwildlifegeologyvolcanoes, Eco Architecture and desert island discovery. You enjoy a conventional holiday alongside your Life Change Schedule and still leaving time for optionals like Yoga,SurfingCyclingWhale Sound Voyage, Fitness Training, and visits to great eating places.

Many people feel the attraction of discovering more about how to transform their lives and bring about more fulfilment. They are often hesitant to swap their notion of a holiday for an unknown entity like a program of life change. People prefer to be out in the sun, by the sea or at special attractions rather than spend the course time indoors. By combining some of the course time with trips and tours they get the best of all worlds. The bonus is discovering that the powerful insights into the art of life are even more enjoyable than the holiday itself. It’s a win / win situation.

Using the biosphere as a supportive energy and backdrop for a series of talks and chats we learn how to connect to this deep ecologyin a way that has been practiced for thousands of years. We share with you simplified updates in quantum science which reflect wha tancient wisdom has recorded from time immemorial . We go beyond man-made religions as we explore our belief systems and how to realise whatever we want in our lives.

We base the week in a luxurious oceanside 5-star Spa Hotel but also bring you to our panoramic relaxation and therapy centre with full complement of animals and enjoy a holiday whose benefits are significantly more permanent and beneficial than a sun tan!

Lytnne Oliver now operates separately as Lynne Yoga Lanzarote.