Goodbye Shiva and Bernie

It is with great sadness that we commend the spirit of Shiva, the Villa Isis German shepherd who returned to source on Saturday 5th May 2012. Much loved by hundreds of guests, for her pool games and herding of swimmers, Shiva was a gentle being, very grateful for being rescued. Despite being terrorised by a mother cat with kittens, Shiva gradually came to love the cats and would often be seen sharing her bed with them, even if apprehensively on occasion. There are some pictures of her and Bernie together. The white German shepherd with Shiva is her friend Rhaya, who she joins over the rainbow bridge.

We also celebrate the life of Bernie, one of many villa stray cats, originally very feral, gaunt and scarey, who gradually came to enjoy human contact and caring and became one of the few to attain indoor status. Bernie had eye ilnesses which we cured, ear cancer which was operated on but finally succumbed to an untreatable debilitating nose cancer, (not in photo since too distressing) which he endured bravely with sympathy from the other cats. Lynne is to be congratulated on making the awful decision to put them out of their misery and we are grateful to Jane Burke, the vet, for her help in the last rights.

The many cats of villa isis are currently cared for by Lynne and represent a major cost in food and vet bills. If you are able to make a donation in memoriam, or for those still alive, please contact Lynne at

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