Personal Guidance in Tours and Life

Stuart Forster is at the forefront of the higher consciousness discovery movement and believes that our connection with nature, particularly via places of extraordinary beauty, helps the process of our re-aligning with our higher potential. After 40 years of Holistic Research and 12 years of hosting holistic retreats, he has had the opportunity to live a lifestyle of deliberate intent and has spent the last 2 years in tuning the subtleties of combining an enjoyable relaxing holiday with a powerful life changing workshop.

Early Life: Studied Piano to Grade 8 and Organ at York Minster
Graduated in Economics, and embarked on International Marketing Management Careers from Computers to Interior Design Consultancy.
From 1970s, Personal Growth Courses with The Wrekin Trust, (Sir George Trevelyan), Peter Dawkins, et al.
Established Interior Selection: Contract Interiors and world-wide distribution of own design wallpapers and fabrics
Travel and Holistic Research: Hall of Records in Giza and the Temples of Egypt, Sound Healing discoveries in Saqqara. Sacred Sites of Israel. Healing Retreats in Iona, Hebrides. Spent time with Hopi Indians in Arizona. Research Anasazi in Chaco Canyon New Mexico. Sacred Geometry of Cyprus: Landscape Temples of Ireland; The Cheviot Zodiac; Retreats at Samye Ling Tibetan Centre. Sacred Sound Course on Mongolian Overtone Chanting and Didgeridoo Healing Sound Workshop. Research into Music Tuning Systems and Vibrational Healing, Shamanic Workshops, Family Constellations, Dowsing. Crystal Healing, Colour Healing Therapy. Endless other Meditation and Personal Development Workshops. The Mystery of The Mayan Calendar and 2012
Conceived Mutual Music, a holistic business System. Community Website with Barnes Community Association. Computer Music Composition. (Bach to the Future!)
10 Years of daily yoga with Lynne Oliver while operating Holistic Holidays in Lanzarote and Landscape Photography. In all four decades of holistic research and personal life change.
International Yoga Therapy Convention in Los Angeles and Life Change Training in Hawaii

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